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The subject of what to call your new baby often proves to be a uniquely difficult discussion for many parents "to be". This site which contains over 16,000 unique, interesting and cute baby names will hopefully help you with that decision by providing a comprehensive database to let you discover unique and unusual baby names from around the world, and also learn more about your own name. You may also be wondering what your first name means? This is a common query especially with the growth in tracing your own history and heritage. Does your first name have a special meaning or is it simply the name of a parent, grandparent, uncle and so on. Of course your name might have no special meaning or implication for you but it might have been a forebearer's job or position in life.

Extensive database of baby names

Children's names now has more than 16000 names to choose from, so you can browse baby boy names and baby girl names, popular names and truly unique and quirky names to find the perfect baby name for you.

If you are you pregnant, thinking about a baby's name or even just curious about the meaning of your own name? This site is dedicated to helping you decide on names for your new or even unborn baby. The site concentrates on a wide variety of names from the traditional to the more unusual. This can include traditional names based on country such as Scottish Boy Names, Scottish Girl Names, Irish Boy Names, Irish Girl Names, to select just a few of the wide number of names across the site. The site is fully searchable and if you are undecided on what ethnic origin you can search alphabetically. The site also has a sitemap but this isn't really recommended for effective searching for baby names.

Unique Names

The site also has a few names from more exotic locations, religions and ethnic groups (although I suppose how exotic depends on where you come from just now!). If you are looking for something perhaps a little different you could try Hawaiian, Hebrew or Arabic baby girl and boy names.Examples of these are: Hawaiian (Hawaii) Girls names,Gaelic Girl names, Hebrew Girls Names and Greek (Greece) Girls names.

Popular Names

Alternatively you may simply be looking for popular baby names from various countries. Examples you will find are those such as the most popular baby names in the United States for the year 2012 or the most popular male and female baby names from the United Kingdom (Great Britain) from 2012 although previous years are also available on site. An increasing search term landing on the site has also prompted popular italian names to have their own pages and these can be found here. You can also consult our links page for other great sites

Brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents - names and meanings

Featuring thousands of baby boys names and girls names, including information on name origin and meaning, this site should be your first and last stop when deciding on a baby name for your new born. The subject of babies names often proves to be a "bone of contention" for many expectant parents with a number of people (grandparents, brothers, sisters etc) often feeling that they have some "rights" or influence over the chosen name . Our comprehensive database can therefore let you discover not only possible names, but also the meaning of those brother, sister, parents, grandparents names.

What does my name mean

Of course, you may simply be interested in the meaning of your own name. After all you were a baby once! The site is called childrens names but all children take their name into adulthood (unless of course they change it) such as some of the children, especially of celebrities, who for a number of reasons will change their name.

Pronunciation of names

You may of course simply just like the sound of the name and most of the name meanings on site have suggested pronunciation as well.

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