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Celebrity boy male baby names

This is a collection of celebrity baby names from a number of celebrities including actors, singers, chefs and comedians. These are some of the interesting names celebs have chosen for themselves and this page is dedicated to the girl names. Celebrity girl real names are also available on a seperate page.

celebrities often choose what are regarded as weird or wacky names for their children. However, a few years later they have become far more popular.

  Romeo (Son)  
  Who is the child of David Beckham the (Soccer Player )and Victoria Beckham the ( Spice Girl(fashionista))  
  Rufus Tiger (Son)  
  Who is the child of Roger Taylor (Musician) and Deborah Leng (Partner)  
  Ryder Russell (Son)  
  Who is the child of Kate Hudson the (Actress )and Chris Robinson the ( Musician)  
  Seargeoh (Son)  
  Who is the child of Sylvester Stallone (Actor ) and Sasha Czack ( Actress)  
  Seven Sirius (Son)  
  Who is the child of Erykah Badu the (Musician )and Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000) the ( Musician)  
  Sparrow James Midnight (Son)  
  Who is the child of Nicole Richie (TV Personality ) and Joel Madden ( Vocalist)  
  Spec Wildhorse (Son)  
  Who is the child of John Cougar Mellencamp the (Musician)and Elaine Irwin the (Wife, 1992 to 2011)  
  Spike (Son)  
  Who is the child of Mike Myers the (Comedian)and Kelly Tisdale the (Wife, maried 2010)  
  Thyme (Son)  
  Who is the child of Isaiah Washington (Actor) and Jenisa Marie Washington (Wife 1996 to present)  
  Travis Sedg (Son)  
  Who is the child of Kyra Sedgwick (Actress ) and Kevin Bacon ( Actor)  
  Zuma Nesta Rock (Son)  
  Who is the child of Gwen Stefani (Musician ) and Gavin Rossdale ( Musician)  
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