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Celebrity Girl Female Real names

This is a collection of celebrity real names from a number of celebrities including actors, singers, chefs and comedians. These are some of the interesting names celebs have chosen for themselves and this page is dedicated to the girl names. Celebrity girl names which have been chosen by celebrities for their children are also available on a seperate page.

Stage names have been used by celebrities for many years and have never really gone out of style. Some of the most famous rock stars-would they have "made it" if they had stuck with their original name? Cultivating a unique persona is all part of the "act" and give them an "edge". Scroll through this lsit of celebrity real names to discover the real names your favorite stars were born with.

  The Singer whose real name is Tiffanie Renee Darwish  
  Tina Fey  
  The real name of the actress is Elizabeth Stamatina Fey.  
  Tina Turner  
  The Singer whose real name is Anna Mae Bullock  
  Tori Amos  
  The Singer, Songwriter whose real name is Myra Ellen Amos  
  the 60's Model whose real name is Leslie Hornby  
  Vera Lynn  
  the Singer whose real name is Vera Welch  
  Vesta Tilley  
  the Music Hall Artist Male Impersonator whose real name is Matilda Alice Powles  
  Vivien Leigh  
  the Actress whose real name is Vivien Hartley  
  Whoopi Goldberg  
  The comedians real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson.  
  Winona Ryder  
  This actress whose real name is Winona Laura Horowitz  
  Yootha Joyce  
  the Actress (Man About The House) whose real name is Yootha Needham  
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