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Chinese Female girl Baby Names from China

Chinese given names are often not simply a name which is liked by the baby's parents. Chinese Girls can be named after exotic flowers, birds, musical instruments or jewels. Girls might also be named after physical attributes which are often regarded as beign sought after by females such as beauty, grace, thrift and purity. Strangely (to western eyes), in some rural families, girls are not given names but are simply referred to as the “oldest girl”, the “second girl”, “third girl” and so on.

This is a list of popular female girl baby names from China along with their meanings. China is a fast growing nation with a population expected to be 1,390,313,812 (predicted for 2014 by the world bank) and the need for Chinese baby names is constant. Of course like any other nation, Chinese baby names are constantly changing and subject to the latest popular trends mixed with tradition and this is merely a selection of girl names.

  Xiu Mei  
  Chinese girls name which means (meaning) beautiful plum  
  Chinese girls name which means (meaning) sun  
  Chinese girls name which means (meaning) yearning  
  Chinese girls name which means (meaning) silver  
  Chinese girls name which means (meaning) universe  
  Chinese girls name which means (meaning) chaste  
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