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French Girl Baby Names

This is a collection of baby girl names names from France. The French names on this page are used mainly as Christian names although some may be used as a family or surname. French boy or male names are listed on a seperate page.

There are hundreds of common French first names and the following pages contain a selection of them. Some of them are very similar (if not identical) to their English counterparts, whilst some are completely unique. Some distinctive French naming conventions that you may notice are that:

1.Many female names become male with the subtraction of one of these suffixes (end part of the name): -e, -ette, or -ine.

2.Hyphenated names are very popular in France. They are usually composed of two names from the same gender; i.e., Jean-Pierre, Paul-Henri. Sometimes they may also be made up of one boy name and one girl name, with the "dominant" gender name first, as in Jean-Marie (Jean-Marie le Pen, the French politician, being an example). The hyphentation is regarded as one name, not a first name and middle.

France is in Western Europe, bordering the Bay of Biscay and English Channel, between Belgium and Spain, southeast of the UK. The French have had an influence over vast parts of the world through trade, language and governance and this has helped French names or phrases to spread around the world

  French girls name which means (meaning) beloved  
  French girls name which is a form of the male Simon  
  French girls name which means (meaning) prayer  
  French girls name which means (meaning) dignified  
  French girls name which means (meaning) dignified  
  French girls name which means (meaning) small vine  
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