German Boy Male Baby Names

This is a collection of authentic boy male baby names from Germany along with their meanings. From Abelard (meaning resolute) to Zelig (meaning happy), you can find a full list of German boys names and their meanings online here.

German Name history

Germany has a long and distinguished heritage and many of the baby names (boy and girl) reflects this. Indeed, Germany has a legislation which says that first names need to be gender specific. From a first name, one should be able to distinguish whether the person is male or female and you cannot simply make a name up which has been a growing custom in some parts of the US and Western Europe. Germany also has some basic naming conventions for children which are outlined below but in terms of the law, names that follow the latest trends or fashions or just made up (invented), cannot be adopted by German citizens.

German Baby Naming Conventions

As you would expect, Germans generally follow some basic naming patterns or customs when choosing names for their children which are similar to a number of European countries. If you are looking to establish German heritage or look into your ancestors, the undernoted naming conventions were used up until the mid 1850's. Whilst strict adherence to them has fallen by the wayside you will still find a loose pattern. Again, though, there were several variations used, and often the pattern was disrupted by other circumstances such as names already being used in families, marriage and respect ot mothers parents etc. If a duplicate name occurred, the next name in the pattern was usually used. Sometimes, rather confusingly for those investigating their heritage, when a child died in infancy, his/her name was reused for the next child of the same gender.

In terms of German sons, the following pattern of naming was often used:

  • 1st father's father
  • 2nd mother's father
  • 3rd father
  • 4th father's father's father
  • 5th mother's father's father
  • 6th father's mother's father
  • 7th mother's mother's father

These names are therefore for German boy male names, for german female girl names, along with a description of female naming convention then please see the German girls name page.

  German boys name meaning resolute.  
  German boys name meaning noble.  
  German boys name meaning brave.  
  German boys name meaning noble or intelligent.  
  German boys name meaning a noble spear man.  
  German boys name meaning brave.  
  German boys name meaning intelligent.  
  German boys name meaning brave as a bear.  
  German boys name meaning bear-spear.  
  German boys name meaning mountain.  
  German boys name meaning mountain.  
  German boys name meaning brave as a bear.  
  German boys name which is a variant of Charles.  
  German boys name meaning a man.  
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