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Scotland or Scottish Boy Baby Names

This page concentrates on Scottish baby Boys names and their meanings. Of course they are mainly first names or Christian names as they are known in some countries, but their are some Scotland family or Scottish surnames also.

The history of Scotland also includes many different races known as the Scots, Celts and gaels. Some of the Scottish names are derived from these ancient races and you can find more of these names on the Gaelic Boys names page.

Scots often followed a certain pattern for naming their children and this can cause an element of confusion if you are trying to trace Scottish Ancestry where, for example you may find multiple James and others. The basic pattern was: Scots often named children by following a simple set of rules:

  • 1st son named after father's father
  • 2nd son named after mother's father
  • 3rd son named after father
  • 1st daughter named after mother's mother
  • 2nd daughter named after father's mother
  • 3rd daughter named after mother

A very good background to naming traditions can be found on the Scottish Government website.

  Scottish boys name which is the shortened version or Murdoch. Thought to originate in Gaelic for mariner or sea warrior  
  A mariner  
  From the land by the sea  
  Often thought of as a very English name this is in fact the spelling of the Scottish boys name from the Gaelic for "devotee of the Virgin Mary"  
  The dweller by the Alder tree  
  Scottish boys name whose origins relate to either the Irish name Niall meaning champion or the Latin Nigellus meaning black  
  Scottish boys name which originates in Norman where it mean't new town.  
  Scottish boys name originating in Greek meaning a combination of victory and people.  
  The victory of the people  
  Scottish boys name originating in the name of the origninl Saint. Rarely used nowadays  
  Scottish boys name whose meaning is believed to be the North Man  
  from the high peak  
  Scottish boys name whose origins are unclear. Perhaps originates in the Irish Parthalan meaning waves of the sea. More common as a surname  
  Scottish boys name from the Latin Patrician or father (of Rome)  
  Scottish boys name from the latin for small  
  Scottish boys name from the Greek for stone  
  Scottish boys name originally from the Greek meaning lover of horses  
  Scottish boys name which is more common as a surname and originates in the Placename (now called Craigmillar)  
  Scottish boys name from the Latin for "fifth"  
  Scottish nickname for Robert (most famously Rabbie Burns)  
  Scottish boys name whose origins are in Old Norse and means a combination of counsel and wolf  
  Scottish boys name which was originally a placename but is periodically used as a first name. Most famous person to have it as a first name was the British Prime Minister Ramsey MacDonald  
  Scottish boys name from Old German which means a combination of advice and defence.  
  Scottish boys name which origiantes in Old German words meaning a combination of King and firm. Often shortened to Dick or Richie  
  Famous, bright fame  
  Scottish boys name which is usually regarded as being a shortened version of Robert but is also used on its own  
  Scottish boys name which is probably thought of as more of an English name (even in Scotland). Unsurprisingly its origins are in old English and means fame spear  
  Scottish boys name which originates in the Nordic countries (probably Sweden) where it means ruler of unfavourable gods  
  Rarely used Scottish boys name which is thoght to originate (unsurprisngly) from the race known as the Romans  
  Scottish boys name orignating in Old Norse meaning power and might. A popular spelling is Ranald  
  Scottish boys name which originates in Gaelic and means simply "red"  
  Woody meadow  
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